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Clean up litter efficiently
in your town or city,
alone or with colleagues, friends, family.

Plalk and plant a tree

Plalk and plant a tree

Plalk and plant a tree

What is Plogging?

What is WePlog?

How does WePlog work?

Since the inception of WePlog (01/12/2019)

Last updated September 7, 2023

Active ploggers

Total weight of collected litter (in kg)

Volume of 13,37 garbage trucks

Distance plogged (in km)

5,01 times the circumference of the earth

Number of trees planted

Amount of CO2 purified


Hudson shares

"Our first introduction to WePlog dates back to 2021, when we urged the entire organization to use this app. We appealed to the competitive side of our colleagues by organizing a competition to collect the most waste."

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    Very handy way to see where it is best to collect litter. We use it weekly. Congratulations to the initiators.


    Great app: easy and clear to use.


    Very handy! During a walk with the dog you can safely combine the WePlogging. By actively plowing you notice the attention of other hikers. Hopefully this makes you think and also plogging of course!


    We have been litter volunteers for years, but the treasure hunt has given us some extra enthusiasm.
    This is a really great initiative!

    L. from Beveren

    Thank you. The children were very motivated to go on a treasure hunt, a very nice initiative!
    In this way I try to teach them that leaving waste is not okay. And that really seems to work. So we will keep our 'litter walks' for a while πŸ˜‰

    S. from Heist-op-den-Berg

    Treasure hunting makes plogging even more fun and motivates you to push your plogging boundaries.

    S. from Mechelen


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Eneco Cleanbeach Cup


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