Plalking = walking + picking up plastic junk. Everyone can do it: toddlers, teenagers, retirees, and everything in between.

Join Plalkingman's growing army and discover that there is a cleanup hero in all of us! This superhero from the Low Countries is more optimistic than Superman, more inventive than Batman and greener than the Hulk. Together with you, he makes short work of litter.


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What does "plogging" mean?

betekenis van ploggen


The word plogging is a contraction of the words jogging and plocka (to collect in Swedish). The new Swedish fitness trend plogging is hip & happening. It is a combination of jogging / walking and cleaning up litter. In other words jogging / walking with a heart for the environment.


What is WePlog?

wat is weplog

WePlog is 

→ a simple and user-friendly app that shows whereyou can best plog.
the most efficient toolfor municipal authorities and other organizations to efficiently tackle litter

Choosing WePlog is
efficient waste clearing

Since the inception of WePlog (01/12/2019)

Active ploggers

Number of kg of waste collected

Volume of 8,6 garbage trucks

Kms plogged

3 times the circumference of the earth

Updated 04/05/2022

Belgium is coloredGREEN
Respect nature
Start to clean

“Collecting cans is an antidote to cynicism and a vaccine against frustration.”

Arjen van Veelen from De Standaard


Philosophy behind Plastic Madonna

Looking for sturdy plogging gear?

Make sure to visit the website Plogsack.


Clean Walkeris an association that focuses on organizing collective actions to collect litter.





River Cleanup'smission:



We are ridding our rivers and banks of litter with helping hands and smart technology to change behavior and awareness.

Your 10 minutes litter pick up routine is your daily action to preserve the planet for our children and grandchildren.

Jean Paul MEUS

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors but we borrow the earth from our grandchildren