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Two Hudson ploggers ready to get started with WePlog
For three years now, we have set up a sustainability working group within Hudson company with which we like to inform and motivate our colleagues to do their bit. At the very beginning, this initiative was limited to the business unit, but we soon noticed that other teams were also very enthusiastic. Now our working group consists of about 14 members and almost every department is represented.
At the beginning of each year, we draw up a general planning, with a number of activities classified per quarter. Our first introduction to WePlog dates back to 2021, when we motivated the entire organization to use this app. We appealed to the competitive side of our colleagues by organizing a competition to collect the most waste.
This challenge was very much appreciated and the colleagues quickly got to work. The WePlog app turned out to be a very useful tool: tracking the walks was very easy and worked well. Colleagues were also enthusiastic and in group this quickly became a fun team activity. In addition, this certainly also contributed to the Hudson group feeling: our offices are located in Ghent, Brussels, Antwerp, Hasselt and Mont-Saint-Gibert and thanks to this activity, the distance felt just a little less far.
During the lockdown, we also organized a general event where all colleagues went out at the same time, where they were asked to take pictures and share them with our work group. It was very motivating then to know that you are working on the same activity with such a group of people, even if you are in a different location.
Since then, WePlogging has been an activity that remains top of mind if there are colleagues who want to get some fresh air!
Two Hudson ploggers pose on the street